Monday, 29 April 2013

Scarves Galore

I've been a bit busy of late what with the renovations, the car booting and working that I have only just got round to finishing some projects.

I have only really started these a few weeks ago but sometimes when you only pick it up here and there it seems to take ages!!!!!!!

Me and my work friend Elaine decided on a mere whim that we would have a go at making neck warmers for my craft stall.  I did a little googling and mooching on Pinterest and hey presto I found some rather lovely patterns.  This one is made from 1 ball of Patons Fab Big wool and I got the original pattern via a link on Crafty Red's blog.  I think I used a 8mm crochet hook and the same number of stitches that the pattern suggests.
And look this is the same scarf as above but we decided that the top bit turned over worked just as well if not better.
The yarn was so lovely and they worked up so quick that I just had to have another go in a different colour this is more like a biscuit colour.  Again we manipulated the finished scarf into another style.
And last of all was this one.  I used Rowan Drift and a pattern from Loopknits which I amended ever so slightly at the end.

Quite happy with the results and enjoyed having a go at something different.  What do you think about the end results and would it be something that you would buy in Winter?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures IV

And again its car boot o'clock! We had decided this week that I would go it alone and brave the carboot on my own as trying to get around the carboot with a pram (complete with 2 year old) and 6 year old is a nightmare.

 I set off at 7.30am accompanied by my Mum (who had not been to a car boot before) and here's what we found (3 car boots later might I add!)

My pale pink "rosa" Meakin jug and plate
Not sure about this jug - I have googled a number from the bottom but without success! I do think it's vintage though.
A vintage sugar shaker
My lovely wicker serving tray (been after one of these for ages!)
Yet another darning mushroom
A fantastic find at the bottom of a box - Meakin "poppy" serving plate
I thought that I might make this one into a cake stand?
"Greydawn" bread and butter plate
Vintage glass jelly mould (one of my very favourite finds)
And lastly........
A midwinter "roselle" coffee set complete with sugar bowl and milk jug.
Again I have come home with lots of things but I don't plan on keeping all of these as I have just agreed to take part in a local "Shumble Sale".  For the first time ever I am going to try and combine my handmade crafts with vintage goodies.  Lets hope it works what do you think?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures III

I must confess that although these are treasures they didn't actually come from the car boot.

My hubby was off work today and in my extended lunch break I had a tootle over to a local auction house.  I quickly purchased my number and then had a quick look at the catalogue.  I'd missed quite a few interesting pieces but hey ho they were only at number 257 out of a possible 631.

I settled down and waited.............I missed a few items but this is what came home with me!

Some Crown Devon Storage Jars - they just called to me!
A terracotta chicken - I thought it was for eggs but think its actually used to cook the chicken!

And lastly my favourite buy a hall table that has got pride of place in my newly decorated bedroom!

Seriously thinking about having a vintage stall as seem to be buying way too much stuff to live in my craft room x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Organising and sorting!

I may have already mentioned (yeah only hundreds of times) that our new house has a conservatory which is earmarked to be my craft room as well as an extra room.

In preparation for my own little space I have been doing a bit of organising and sorting......

My fabrics are all neat...

My buttons are all in jars........(don't be fooled these are just the blue/green and yellow/orange buttons I have! The others had been put away.)
and my bits and bobs are all going to be stored neatly.  Remember this....
Well Lucy from Attic 24 had a fab idea (see here). How clever, all neat and tidy and perfect to fit into a desk drawer. 
A bit of paper,
and glue stick and hey presto!
I  still have lots to do especially finding a home for my big stash of wool.   What are your creative spaces like?????

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures Part II

I was again at the car boot this morning - not too early though a nice respectable 9am!

The pickings were a bit slim and the weather ghastly but I still managed to spend some money and bring some treasure home : )

Here's what I got, let me know what you think;

My new work table, some vintage Formica!

I simply could not resist this vintage pinny, I think it is homemade but I know it is quite old. It will look lovely in my kitchen and will be fab when I'm baking.
I remember these books from when I was little and am gutted that I got rid of my copies when I was a teenager. This was not exactly like the copy I had but looking at the date inside I think its about 40 years old.
This was my final purchase, it is immaculate and a full set of hornsea pottery.  I have no idea whether its worth anything but I just could not leave it behind.

And finally although it has nothing to do with carboots or treasures.

I've managed to grow some mushrooms; well chuffed as this is someone that can kill a cactus!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Car boot treasures

When we were at the caravan t'other week we popped over to Kendal to have a look at the car boot. 

I love rummaging through the boxes looking for treasure and get so excited when it becomes mine.  I think I may even have a bit of an addiction to all things vintagey as I dragged my mum to the local auction house to see what I could buy.

These were my latest finds.....

A wooden cutlery tray - a bargain at £1.......

A Meakin jug (has a small crack) - another bargain at 50p and destined to be the home for my knitting needles in my craft room (I promise I will post pics when I finally finish it!)

A wooden darning mushroom... I saw one of these at a vintage fair and just really wanted one.

Not really vintage but looks lovely in my new bathroom and cost a lot less than a new picture would have.

And lastly my favourite little find......a yellow Empire Ware dish and lid for a mere 50p

My treasures from the auction are waiting for a bit of tlc but again I promise that this will be a post for the future x x x x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Well hello there......

I didn't realise it had been so long since my last post.  I have been meaning to pop by but we have been rather busy with one thing or another.

Last weekend we had a tootle over to Morecambe again to visit the caravan and have a sleep-over.  We only lasted one night as it was still very cold and when we were turning the water back on after winter we managed to spring a leak!

This is us in the back of the car enjoying a little picnic after going the scenic route home!

I had 2 weeks off work due to the school holidays and we have used this time to make progress on the renovations to our new house.  We are now at the new carpet stage in both our bedroom and the lounge/dining room. So so happy and excited can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

This was me and hubby last night ripping the old carpet up, I tell you we know how to have a good night!!!!!

I promise I have been doing a little bit of crafting but haven't really got anything that is finished to show you just yet but watch this space........and hopefully once the carpet fitters have come on Monday i will be able to show you some finished rooms x x x