Thursday, 18 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures III

I must confess that although these are treasures they didn't actually come from the car boot.

My hubby was off work today and in my extended lunch break I had a tootle over to a local auction house.  I quickly purchased my number and then had a quick look at the catalogue.  I'd missed quite a few interesting pieces but hey ho they were only at number 257 out of a possible 631.

I settled down and waited.............I missed a few items but this is what came home with me!

Some Crown Devon Storage Jars - they just called to me!
A terracotta chicken - I thought it was for eggs but think its actually used to cook the chicken!

And lastly my favourite buy a hall table that has got pride of place in my newly decorated bedroom!

Seriously thinking about having a vintage stall as seem to be buying way too much stuff to live in my craft room x


  1. I think that's a very fancy and pretty telephone table. LOVE it!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa, I LOVE it too! x

  2. Uhhhh! Those jars are beautiful. They are calling me too. ;-)

  3. Thanks hun I know I just had to have them! : )