Sunday, 24 February 2013

A quick catch-up

Well hello there, I though I would just catch-up with you before I got sidetracked and started something else!

In my last post I had been doing a bit of baking and I had made some anzac biscuits for my works "bake off" that we were all taking part in for Comic Relief.

There have been 3 categories that we could put ourselves forward for - Scones, biscuits and tray bakes.  I only entered the biscuit category but out of 9 entrants I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I was judged the star baker!

I have always dreamt of having my own little wool shop one day with a small cafe to one side serving all the old favourites just like your grandma used to make. Last week I made Lemon Drizzle cake and it was utterly delicious.  This week I have made..........

Blueberry muffins.  When I went to my local supermarket this afternoon they had some packs of blueberries that were reduced to 29p - well enough said I could hardly refuse!

The recipe was from Lucy's blog at Attic24 and they were AmaZing.
Last week I also managed to finish my pram blanket - ta dah.......

I am very happy with the finished blanket and the baby who it is for was born on the day it was finished - I had also edged it with the turquoise blue not knowing that the baby was a boy!
We are still making slow progress with the new house - no more rooms finished but we have bought the paint and wallpaper so again watch this space.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life's little pleasures

The weather is beginning to turn nicer and it's starting to feel a bit like spring.  We have had blue sky for the past couple of days and the sun has tried its best to peep through.

I haven't really managed much craft wise and I'm just finishing my crochet pram blanket so will post a picture of that soon. 

But I'll leave you with these -
Anzac biscuits that I made for a charity "bake off".  Yum yum of course it would be rude not to sample one - "just to make sure they are ok to eat".

 My collection of spring time flowers (bought from local supermarket and market for a grand total of £2.40).  And can you just see beneath the blue hyacinth; my bargain 1960's Pyrex dish bought from the car boot for 50p!

Homemade lemon drizzle cake made using Lucy's recipe from Attic24.

The view out of my kitchen window whilst I wash up!
Hope you are all feeling spring like - I think my next task will be a bit of SPRING CLEANING and for a clean freak like me I'm actually looking forward to that xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ta Dah !!!!!!

Fan Fare Please!!!!!

I have no idea how I have managed it but I have finished 3 different projects and all in the space of two nights : )

I have really been struggling to fit any crafting time in this last week as Mr P has had a hernia op and has needed to have bed rest so I have been doing the school run, working, cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing, bathing etc.  I have to say I do a lot of this stuff normally but Mr P has not even been able to supervise the kids so no spare time for me (sad face : (  ).

Anyway on to the Ta Dah moments -

My valentines heart - one side crochet the other side fabric.  I used a pattern from Lucy's blog at Attic24 and then modified it slightly.

This was the one that I made for a friend's birthday sticking to the pattern.
My little knitted rabbit with a pom pom tail - he is soooooo adorable
 (and quite easy to make!)
And Finally .......
My giraffe ribbon taggie - struggled sewing the fiddly bits but I think she's come out quite well.  Even if I do say so myself!

Hopefully I will have some more Ta Dah moments to share soon as I have a few more things half finished or waiting to be crafted.