Sunday, 14 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures Part II

I was again at the car boot this morning - not too early though a nice respectable 9am!

The pickings were a bit slim and the weather ghastly but I still managed to spend some money and bring some treasure home : )

Here's what I got, let me know what you think;

My new work table, some vintage Formica!

I simply could not resist this vintage pinny, I think it is homemade but I know it is quite old. It will look lovely in my kitchen and will be fab when I'm baking.
I remember these books from when I was little and am gutted that I got rid of my copies when I was a teenager. This was not exactly like the copy I had but looking at the date inside I think its about 40 years old.
This was my final purchase, it is immaculate and a full set of hornsea pottery.  I have no idea whether its worth anything but I just could not leave it behind.

And finally although it has nothing to do with carboots or treasures.

I've managed to grow some mushrooms; well chuffed as this is someone that can kill a cactus!


  1. Absolutely love that pinny! Looking forward to a cuppa and that is one of my favourite stories from when we were kids :-)

    1. I know, have washed it and can't wait to get some baking done. I have about a million copies of the Magic Faraway Tree I keep buying the old ones in the hope that I will eventually get a set. x

  2. Love your treasures! Most impressed with your mushroom growing.. how did you do that??? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa - just bought a box from our local supermarket and followed the instructions only cost about £4 and was as easy as pie x