Monday, 26 March 2012

Happy Sunny Weekend!!!! (Part 2)

Well Sunday was just as sunny as Saturday! So we packed some snacks into a bag and off we went to the Car Boot Sale!  I'm so glad we did because I found lots of lovely knick-knacks for our new house (well my craft room really!).  Here's what I got:-

* Another ceramic chicken - have called this one Peggy.  She now has some eggs in her and is proudly sitting on the counter top!

* Two little glass jugs - I saw some very similar to these in Emma's Apocatheray but wanted to get some that were vintage.  These will look lovely with my novelty buttons and crochet hooks in.

* An old fashioned brown mixing bowl, again I wanted one that had been around a while and used by others.  I saw one recently in an antique shop but it was cracked and the lady still wanted £12 for it, can't believe I got mine for £2 this morning.

* I spotted this white jug on a shelf at the back of the table, it still had a sticker on from the pottery shop where it was made and someone had originally bought it for £11.99, could not believe my luck when the chap only wanted £1.50 for it.  I have wanted one like this for ages and can't wait to put my knitting needles in when I eventually get my craft room : )

* Whilst I was out and about yesterday I also went in to a fabulous shop called The Birdcage which is a charity shop with a difference.  In the window they had some old fashioned bottles filled with buttons, so yes you guessed it!!!!!! I found some for £1 at the car boot this morning and plan on doing the same.  This craft room of mine is going to be jam packed with stuff. 

* And last but by no means least.  A beautiful cup and saucer.  Had to have a rummage in an old dirty cardboard box for these but it was well worth it as they have scrubbed up lovely.  These are going to be my new project for the art exhibition so come back in a few days and I'll let you have a peep at what I am going to do with them x

My little boy Jake also managed to get a small guitar - he nevers ceases to amaze me and must be the only one that can go to a car boot sale and come back with things without having to pay for them.  People seem unable to resist his charm and give him things off their stall.  He had lots of fun this afternoon, sitting in the sunshine "busking" for us whilst we cleaned the cars.  Molly my little one also enjoyed the sunshine and I'll leave you with a picture of her with her "ice pop".  

I hope you all have a fantastic week and fingers crossed the weekend to come will be as sunny as this one.  Hmmmmm what else do I need from the car boot! : ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Lazy Day!!!!

Well I haven't posted in a while - I have been meaning to, but things have just got in the way and then another day has passed!

We had our first viewing last week after a couple of time wasters.  It went really well and they really liked the house but not the electric pylon nearby so still no movement.

I have also made some progress on those dreaded unfinished projects that I hide behind the sofa!  I have managed to finish the scarf, mug cozy and ribbon blanket so feeling quite pleased with myself.

I had the day off today and had lots of good intentions - I planned on doing some cleaning, crafting and others bits and bobs - but you know what, I started reading a book by M.C Beaton- As the pig turns, and that was most of the morning gone! 

I did do some crafting this afternoon and spent an hour making some lovely easter gifts ready for my table at the craft fair.

What do you think????  I could only seem to find a bunny one that was knitted, have never used circular needles before and am totally clueless about making stitches in the front and back!!!!! So I made my own pattern and this is how it turned out.  Have already got a list of people that would like some so might be busy for the next couple of days.

I also managed to make another ribbon blankie, this time using this wonderful fabric which I love!

I hope everyone is well and busy with their own projects; I would love to know what people are currently working on.