Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Quick Ta Dah!

Happy Easter Everyone !!!!xxx

I know its not like me to post daily but I have had a little bit of time today to finish a couple of projects in between a bit of gardening, baking and entertaining the kids!

Here is the first.  Remember yesterday (my previous post) we were collecting pebbles,


and glass in Morecambe.....

well I paired these with the glass floats and vase that I had found at the car boot.....

and hey presto!

Our bathroom centre piece.

I love it and my newly finished bathroom.... I'll save that for another post.  Ta-ta for now. x

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.......

Today we decided to down tools and have a little trip out.  There was also a motive behind this, as we have a static caravan in Morecambe and we needed to check that everything was ok.  The poor little caravan was a little cold but no damp or wet in sight so looks like we might be having a little Easter break soon.

After checking on the van we ventured into Morecambe to the delight of our 2 year old Molly.

All ready and waiting with the bucket to collect pebbles, shells and driftwood for another little project that I may have mentioned previously!
You wouldn't have known but whilst we were on the beach it was actually snowing but we were well wrapped up. 
We had a little peep at the local market and I bought some lovely wool ready for yet another blanket ....
And some fabric at such a bargain price......
But my last little treasure was in a charity shop and for a bargain price of 40p I got myself a book from my childhood and one that Lucy from Attic 24 has been mentioning in her blog recently.
Happy Easter everyone and I hope you get chance to have some fun and time for crafting over the next few days x x x x x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy Weekend

This was the view from our Kitchen window when we woke up on Saturday morning, lots and lots of lovely unadulterated snow.  Although now that it has started to thaw it is not looking quite so impressive.

We have had a busy few weeks, my little boy has visited his new school (because of the house move), our conservatory has been finished and we have managed some more decorating.

Here is the conservatory, my new craft room;

Not yet finished but only needs to be decorated so that's now been added to the never-ending list.  W.e have managed to cove the Lounge on Monday night (I did the sawing and hubby did the sticking) and we did some wallpapering last night.  Not sure when Saturday nights got so exciting!!!!!! I did enjoy myself though and was allowed to actually progress from pasting to actual lining and managed a whole wall : ).

Not really made much progress crafting wise been busy entertaining the kiddies.  Molly and I painted nails this afternoon, we decided on being slightly adventurous and going for 2 colours  (she's 2 and a half and thought it was fab).

Then we moved on to hairdressing and poor Jake seemed to become the target!

Hope you all had fun in the snow whether you stopped in or played out!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Car Booting

Off we went this morning to our local car boot despite the little sprinkling of snow on the ground.  And do you know what I am soooooo glad we did as we came home with loads of bargains : )

For a grand total of £16 I bought - the Gruffalo's Child book, Brambly Hedge box set, 4 various books, Alice in Wonderland (golden ticket book), glass vase, some little girls pumps, vintage pillow cases (future this space), a vintage tea cup (all on its own), yellow vintage tea set, wooden boat, wooden key holder, strawberry glass, boat wall hanger, a storage box for my dolly peg paint and last but not least some children's clippo (like sticklebricks, if you remember those).

If you are a regular visitor to sockamabobs you'll already know that we are in the middle of renovating our new house so I have been trying to source inexpensive things for decoration (especially for my craft room aka the conservatory).  I have also recently been thinking about opening up a wool shop which also showcases some of the crafts that I make (its very early stages and a little bit too scary).

Anyways enough of the chit chat and on to the photos -

My little girl watching her Daddy and all the workmen fixing the house, hmmmm wonder what job she would like when she's older!

Some of my trinkets.  The boats are for our new bathroom.  I managed to get some turquoise and blue glass floats from the car boot the other week.  These had been shown on Kirsty Allsop's Vintage Home (a Telly Programme) and I had fallen in love with them.  The glass vase that I bought today can fit all of them in and once I have some fishing net, some shells and pebbles my centre piece will be finished and I promise to post a picture.

I also managed to get this beautiful vintage tea set for about 50p.  The strange thing is though I bought the saucer last week at a car boot we often go to.  It was all on it's own at the bottom of a box and I just loved it and had to have it.  The cup I bought today at a car boot that we went to for the very first time over 15 miles away!  It was again all on its own looking very pretty and a bargain at 20p. 

When I got home and I'd given everything a wash, it dawned on me that they were the same set, they even have the same markings underneath.  How uncanny - just need the winning lottery numbers now!

Anyway off to potter, can't wait to see what other treasures I uncover next week.   What have you been up to today????????