Monday, 27 February 2012

Ah distractions

My last blog mentioned all my unfinished projects  - which between you and me I tend to put in a carrier bag and hide behind the sofa, out of sight, out of mind!!!!! 

This to be honest doesn't really work - I know they are there, just waiting for me to finish them - I know that I have a scarf, a chunky ripple, a blankie with no bunny head, a half done mug cozy, a dino taggie and another ripple for a new baby (my friend still has 20 wk to go) and thats just the things I have started, not the things that I want to do.

I also decided that I needed to have a look in my diary as I am hoping to have a stall at a local art exhibition before Easter.  Last time I checked I had 11 weeks to craft, crochet and sew!!!! Lots of time I told myself!!!!  Yeah right,  now its 6 weeks - (Aaargh - I panic and have to check again whilst running round the room like a headless chicken seeing what I've already completed).

Just to take my mind of it I had a little peep at pinterest - wow how fab but totally addictive.  I found lots of new ideas and one popped out from, I could not resist having a little go -

add some cotton and buttons and voila some recycled mini heart bunting perfect for adding a splash of "cuteness"

I couldn't stop once I started and made some that were just pinks and reds and some that had a number of buttons.  Once again I had become sidetracked and my WIP (think thats work in progress) still lives behind the sofa.   I must! I must! tackle at least one of these this week - will let you know how it goes!   Hope you have a productive week, I would love to know what you are planning to do x x x

Ahhh just remembered I have done something towards my WIP - I had a trip to Keighley to get some wool for my chunky ripple as I had run out!!!!!! There I knew I had done something; not that I have unwrapped this yet but instead have shoved it in the pantry cupboard!!!!!

Last weeks craftiness

I started this post early last week but was struggling to upload the pictures so gave up (very easily I must admit).  Thought that it would still be nice to post though and show you what I have been up to on the past few rainy days

Have finally had some time to myself this week and put it to good use! 

Hubby had some time off work and looked after the kiddiewinks so that I could busy myself with lots of crafting and here's what happened -

Once I started I just couldn't stop!!!!

I ended up making 4 altogether and was very happy with the results.  I have so many projects on the go that I am ending up with lots of things that are unfinished - this I struggle to deal with as I like everything to be organised and tidy. 

My aim for the coming week will be to get organised and finished some of these projects.  What's your plan for the week and what do you do with your unfinished things??????

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


For the first time this year it actually felt like Spring was on it's way!  I bought some flowers (tulips and daffodils) last week to make the house pretty for our viewing on Sunday and these have really brighten the place up!  The splash of colour just makes me smile : )

On the way to work, the sun was shining and it felt lovely and crisp - I actually carried my coat and braved it in my cardigan. You know what, it didn't actually feel cold either - no icy wind in sight.

I am feeling a little more optimistic not just with viewings on the house but actually with life in general.  I'm still busy (if anything slightly busier) but this week I have actually managed to squeeze in some "crafting" time and have finally got round to starting my own ripple blanket.  I have been admiring "Lucy's" ripple at Attic24 for quite a long time!  It only took 3 attempts with the pattern but I think I have just about cracked it.

The only problem now is that I have already run out of wool!  When I was holidaying in Scarborough last year I bought 3 balls of Robin Chunky in lemon, pink and rose not really having a project in mind but loving the colours.  Hey Ho no big deal!  I'm going to have a little trip out to Bury on Friday to see if I can find some on the market; if not it looks like I will be bulk buying them on the Internet as that will be the cheapest option.  This blanket is not for anyone in particular and if I get it finished before Easter it may have pride of place on my table at the craft fair.

Still on the topic of "crafting" I received a parcel on Tuesday which I could not wait to get home to!  I bought some fabric from a couple of weeks ago and it had come, excited is not the word.  This is what was delivered:-

I just can't wait to start making things with them and have admired these prints for some time, these 3 are my favourites though!  And the minky dimple in pink is just divine!

 I also ended up buying some cute little buttons and ric rac from a wonderful haberdashery in Skipton - it would have been rude not to!


 Anyway its getting late and it's work again tomorrow (12 hour shift) so I'm off to bed but I'll leave you with one last photo - I made rock cakes again this evening and they were yummy, although I have to be honest and say that some of them were slightly more browner than others ( I may have forgotten about some of them - oops).  I hope that you all have a good week filled with lots of spring-time moments and plenty of opportunities to spend time crafting too x x x x x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

What a weekend we've had!  Not a good one either it has to be said.

We got a phone call from the estate agents on Monday to arrange our very first viewing!!!! to say the least - so it was all systems go. 

Through one thing and another we struggled to do anything on the house until Friday and even that was a struggle - my poor little girl spent all Friday being sick, followed by my husband Friday night and my little boy Saturday.  So in between changing clothes and bedding I was trying to tidy the house and rid it of the poorly sick smell!

Uh oh and then I got sick - I spent all of last night in the bathroom : (   Not good

Woke up this morning feeling slightly better and all ready for 11am and our viewing.  I shipped the kids and hubby off to the park and waited with bated breath.
  • 11.15am maybe they got lost 
  • 11.30am still no-one,
  • 12 noon - no don't think anyone's coming.

So all that effort and a weekend of being poorly sick that sort of sums up the mood here today.  Everyone's still cranky and feeling out of sorts.  The kids don't want to be entertained with toys, books or TV and the weather is not playing nice either. 

No crafting going on here today : ((((((((  Next week is half term holidays so fingers crossed this bug will be gone, the sun will be out and we will all be feeling a bit more perky!