Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Organising and sorting!

I may have already mentioned (yeah only hundreds of times) that our new house has a conservatory which is earmarked to be my craft room as well as an extra room.

In preparation for my own little space I have been doing a bit of organising and sorting......

My fabrics are all neat...

My buttons are all in jars........(don't be fooled these are just the blue/green and yellow/orange buttons I have! The others had been put away.)
and my bits and bobs are all going to be stored neatly.  Remember this....
Well Lucy from Attic 24 had a fab idea (see here). How clever, all neat and tidy and perfect to fit into a desk drawer. 
A bit of paper,
and glue stick and hey presto!
I  still have lots to do especially finding a home for my big stash of wool.   What are your creative spaces like?????


  1. What a lovely space and a blank canvas for now. You have some great plans for it. xxx

    1. thanks hun, hopefully it will all come together. Have a feeling I'm going to have too many things though x

  2. Oh my goodness.. what a gorgeous space for your to decorate for a studio.. I look forward to watching it develop. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Just hope I do it justice Teresa x x