Monday, 29 April 2013

Scarves Galore

I've been a bit busy of late what with the renovations, the car booting and working that I have only just got round to finishing some projects.

I have only really started these a few weeks ago but sometimes when you only pick it up here and there it seems to take ages!!!!!!!

Me and my work friend Elaine decided on a mere whim that we would have a go at making neck warmers for my craft stall.  I did a little googling and mooching on Pinterest and hey presto I found some rather lovely patterns.  This one is made from 1 ball of Patons Fab Big wool and I got the original pattern via a link on Crafty Red's blog.  I think I used a 8mm crochet hook and the same number of stitches that the pattern suggests.
And look this is the same scarf as above but we decided that the top bit turned over worked just as well if not better.
The yarn was so lovely and they worked up so quick that I just had to have another go in a different colour this is more like a biscuit colour.  Again we manipulated the finished scarf into another style.
And last of all was this one.  I used Rowan Drift and a pattern from Loopknits which I amended ever so slightly at the end.

Quite happy with the results and enjoyed having a go at something different.  What do you think about the end results and would it be something that you would buy in Winter?


  1. You bet I'd buy one if the price was right.. my favorite is the first one! You should put some on an Etsy store so your blogger friends could buy one! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Will bear that in mind hun - hope you are well x

  2. Thanks for linking me in this post, I am glad my scarf inspired you to make one

    1. Thanks Catherine, was yours the one made from Patons big chunky? I have to say I don't follow the pattern to the letter and have modified a few bits here and there but I have been busy over the Winter and have made quite a few! I've found that by turning it over to make a collar you can double it through one button if that makes sense! x