Sunday, 28 April 2013

Car Boot Treasures IV

And again its car boot o'clock! We had decided this week that I would go it alone and brave the carboot on my own as trying to get around the carboot with a pram (complete with 2 year old) and 6 year old is a nightmare.

 I set off at 7.30am accompanied by my Mum (who had not been to a car boot before) and here's what we found (3 car boots later might I add!)

My pale pink "rosa" Meakin jug and plate
Not sure about this jug - I have googled a number from the bottom but without success! I do think it's vintage though.
A vintage sugar shaker
My lovely wicker serving tray (been after one of these for ages!)
Yet another darning mushroom
A fantastic find at the bottom of a box - Meakin "poppy" serving plate
I thought that I might make this one into a cake stand?
"Greydawn" bread and butter plate
Vintage glass jelly mould (one of my very favourite finds)
And lastly........
A midwinter "roselle" coffee set complete with sugar bowl and milk jug.
Again I have come home with lots of things but I don't plan on keeping all of these as I have just agreed to take part in a local "Shumble Sale".  For the first time ever I am going to try and combine my handmade crafts with vintage goodies.  Lets hope it works what do you think?


  1. I think you'll have fun with your combination at the sale. I've done sales over the years many many times with my craft items. I never made all that much, but it was an experience!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa x its worth a go and will let you know how I get on x

  2. Hi Wendy ,Wow what a good haul !! You have a good eye for spotting little treasures .I particularly love the
    midwinter "roselle" coffee set .Could you message me on facebook if it doesn't sell at your Shumble sale .Have a fab time setting up your stall, sounds exciting combing vintage with your makes .
    With regards Tracy .

    1. No worries Tracy, will do. I tend to buy what makes me smile and the things that I would like to keep. I then have a bit of a peep on the internet to see if I've done good! I seem to be winning : ) The Shumble sale is end of May so will let you know.