Monday, 21 May 2012

Uh Oh Broken Promises!

I know, I know, yet again I have failed to keep up with my blog!

To be honest I have no real excuse, erm nope can't think of anything!

I haven't actually got much done either - I have made a few bracelets for my stall in June but other than that I have been taking a little break from craftiness.

We have recently sold our little touring caravan and have bought a static caravan instead so I think I might just be busy making some throws and cushion covers ; )

Oh yeah - I have also finished a few orders one of which was a set of 4 cute little rabbit egg cozies so I will leave you with some "cuteness".

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Weekend Wonders

What a busy day and it's only Saturday, thank goodness it's a Bank Holiday.

We have recently sold our little touring caravan and bought a static, so today we had to empty it and give it a clean before taking it to it's new home.  The only problem was all the stuff we had taken out needed to go somewhere (and I can tell you there was lots of Stuff!!!!!!!!).  This "somewhere" ended up being behind the sofa, in the shed, under the kids beds and in the corner of our bedroom - which is not good when you have a viewing tomorrow.  So we found ourselves zooming up the M6 to deposit it all in our very nearly ready static!

I have had quite a productive week too and managed to find some fleece (from Sainsbury's of all places) so that I could put a backing on my ripple baby blanket.  I can't wait to give this to my friend, I just hope she likes it and her little bubba is nice and warm.

In my last post I also mentioned my beads from and I could not wait to start making things.  This is what happened so I hope people like them and they will take pride of place on my table in June.

This might just be my favourite???????

Or maybe this one???????

What has everyone else been up to? What prices would you be happy to pay for a bracelet?  All thoughts would be welcome! 

Have a good bank holiday everyone x x x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I promised!!!!!


Yes you guessed it I am back, sometimes my brain works so hard I surprise myself.  Here's a post full of craftiness just for putting up with me, I wish you could see how smiley I am : )))))))))

I have fixed it, so so so happy finally I can add pictures to my words and everyone else can see my visions of utter loveliness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here is my ripple blanket that I have been nattering on about for the last few posts.  I bought some fleece today so will be stitching a backing on it this weekend and then voila it will be all finished and ready for the little bubba!

 Here is my package from  - nicely waiting for me when I got in from work.

And here are it's yummy contents - I sooooo can't wait to start playing and making.

In true "Blue Peter" style here's some I made earlier.   Enjoy and I'll come and play again soon