Monday, 9 July 2012

I Love Lists!

Well after yesterday's post I was feeling really motivated and ready to tackle the world.  So this morning after the rainy school run I set to and started to tick off the items on 'the dreaded list'.

We went food shopping yesterday and bought lots of yummy fresh fruit and veg.  Just recently we have been very busy and seem to have been throwing away food that has gone off.  So I made a meal plan and bought what we needed.

This morning I have managed to make tea (sausage casserole), tomorrow's tea (corned beef hash) as I am doing a 12 hr shift at work, a slimming world tomato and mixed bean soup and a yummy scrummy courgette cake.     Everything looks and smells soooooo gooooood.

Corned beef hash just finished cooking in the pan - I know its summer but with all the rain and rubbish weather it's just so nice to have.

Courgette cake; I got the recipe from my friends mum and so glad I have made it, my hubby and kids love homemade baking x
You can just about see the courgette, dried fruit and walnuts - my hubby has already demolished this slice!

And after all the cooking I treated myself to 30 minutes of crochet time - a friend on facebook posted a pattern for a lovely baby blanket.  It looked all colourful and snuggly and I decided to have a go.  I bought some wool at Christmas that I was keeping for something special (I was thinking a Lucy blanket of some description).

Here's what it looks like so far - I'm not sure I like it, I like the pattern don't get me wrong but somehow the wool doesn't look snuggly enough if you know what I mean.  I did plan on backing it with fleece but still not sure.   Here's a link to the original post and pattern by  Let me know what you think?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

What a weekend

Again life has been hectic here at number 74.  I just always seem to have a list of endless jobs to do, I don't know about you!  This week its been:-

1. fix the en suite leak
2. buy a new fridge freezer.
3. buy a new kettle
4. get storage for the caravan
5. make some knitted cakes for the fun day
6. make some jewellery
and on .......
    and on ........
       and on .....................

Just lately everything seems to have broken - our fridge freezer decided it wanted to freeze everything in the fridge so when I tried to make butties with rock hard butter I was not a happy bunny!!!! : (
Then the kettle decided it too, wanted to break and then to top it all off we had a leak in the bathroom every time the toilet was flushed.

Despite this we really did have a good weekend - Jake went to stay at his grandma's and I had a little "me" time at a local fun day selling some of my crafts.

It wasn't too busy but the weather stayed fine and that was a bonus as it has been horrible all week.  I had a new addition to the stall this time;

My new knitted cakes, I only ended up making four but they looked soooooooooooooo cute on my homemade cake stand.  Thanks to patchwork chickens for the lovely idea xxxx

Today was a nice "steady away" day, a bit of cleaning and tidying was done followed by some food shopping as diet starts Monday!!!!!  Both kiddies were in bed and asleep by 7pm so I am treating myself to a large glass of wine and a homemade rock cake.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too : )   I have just made a list for my "jobs for the week" and look forward to filling you in with how I get along especially 4. make courgette cake <3