Sunday, 21 July 2013

Oooops I'm now on a Car Boot Ban

Yep you guessed it Sunday = Car boot.  The Kids were very excited this morning as Granny was coming too!

We got there bright and early and look what came home with us.......
(some lovely thread that I think I can crochet)

(1980's books - I think I can remember them from my youth)
(cute little jelly moulds - these were Granny's find!)
(some old tin dishes - I'm thinking plant pots, maybe a little herb garden for the window sill)

(lovely turquoise wool - maybe Yarndale bunting??????)

(I could not resist - even in it's original box)
(Another flask to go with the picnic stuff and this old flour/icing sugar sifter)
But by far the best find of the day was......
(not sure what all the bits are but there's lots and I can't wait to give it a bit of love and tlc!!!!!)
There were a few more things like a very old rusty key, some vintage material and some old photo frames (crafty project!!!!) but they all be put away!

Needless to say I have now banned myself from the Car boot - that's it until I have done a couple of fairs I am not allowed even a peep!

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  1. What a bunch of fun treasures you found! I feel the need to check out some antique stores now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)