Sunday, 20 January 2013

Another project nearly finished!

This week I have mainly been.............stinky and needing a shower.  Although in this bathroom I don't think I will be getting one!

For the past week we have been trying to renovate the bathroom.  It all got delivered just after Christmas and has been living in my lounge. 
On Tuesday my husband and Andy the plumber ripped out the bath and basin leaving a little lonely toilet!. 
They spent Wednesday sorting out some wonky bricks, an old leak and some missing floor boards - oh the joys!
Thursday saw the new bath in - yipee but alas no shower!   And Friday (fanfare please) we have running water, the basin in, a new toilet and the bath all fixed!

Yesterday we purchased some tiles at a bargain price (thanks B&Q) and got on with the messy job of tiling.  I have to say I got the safe jobs of measuring and marking the tiles and handing them in sequence to my hubby who was standing in the bath.

We have got some photos of the different stages although once we are finished next week I will post the finished masterpiece! Still got shower, new window and painting to do.

Thanks goodness for parents otherwise we would all be very stinky!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see I am sticking to my resolutions this year and starting what I have finished.  The blanket is still in mid progress but I have made some other lovely things which I will save for next time xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Your bathroom is worth waiting. :-) And please, show it when it's finished. Have a nice week. Regula

    1. Thanks Regula, and Happy New Year x We are a step closer today and have a new radiator and a shower! Yipee