Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Lazy Day!!!!

Well I haven't posted in a while - I have been meaning to, but things have just got in the way and then another day has passed!

We had our first viewing last week after a couple of time wasters.  It went really well and they really liked the house but not the electric pylon nearby so still no movement.

I have also made some progress on those dreaded unfinished projects that I hide behind the sofa!  I have managed to finish the scarf, mug cozy and ribbon blanket so feeling quite pleased with myself.

I had the day off today and had lots of good intentions - I planned on doing some cleaning, crafting and others bits and bobs - but you know what, I started reading a book by M.C Beaton- As the pig turns, and that was most of the morning gone! 

I did do some crafting this afternoon and spent an hour making some lovely easter gifts ready for my table at the craft fair.

What do you think????  I could only seem to find a bunny one that was knitted, have never used circular needles before and am totally clueless about making stitches in the front and back!!!!! So I made my own pattern and this is how it turned out.  Have already got a list of people that would like some so might be busy for the next couple of days.

I also managed to make another ribbon blankie, this time using this wonderful fabric which I love!

I hope everyone is well and busy with their own projects; I would love to know what people are currently working on.



  1. These are so cute! Do you know about Etsy? I absolutely adore the site, and I'm sure you'd be able to put stuff up there. Unless you already have a store there and I'm preaching to the choir? Heh :)

    I don't even know if you want to sell stuff, but it's a great place to look around anyway. I very, very much admire craftsy people. I can pencil something out, if given some time, but give me yarn, string, needles, fabric? Uh, clueless. So. Awesome you.

    1. I do have a peep at Etsy every now and again but find that once I start looking I can't seem to drag myself away! I haven't really looked into having a shop if I'm honest. I tend to put photos on my facebook page www.facebook.com/lovincrochet. and let people contact me on there. It has mainly been family, friends and a christmas fair where I have sold my gifts. If you gave me a pad I think the best I could probably do would be a list of some description (I'm very good at those) or some doodles! You would be waiting a very long time for anything else ; )