Monday, 27 February 2012

Ah distractions

My last blog mentioned all my unfinished projects  - which between you and me I tend to put in a carrier bag and hide behind the sofa, out of sight, out of mind!!!!! 

This to be honest doesn't really work - I know they are there, just waiting for me to finish them - I know that I have a scarf, a chunky ripple, a blankie with no bunny head, a half done mug cozy, a dino taggie and another ripple for a new baby (my friend still has 20 wk to go) and thats just the things I have started, not the things that I want to do.

I also decided that I needed to have a look in my diary as I am hoping to have a stall at a local art exhibition before Easter.  Last time I checked I had 11 weeks to craft, crochet and sew!!!! Lots of time I told myself!!!!  Yeah right,  now its 6 weeks - (Aaargh - I panic and have to check again whilst running round the room like a headless chicken seeing what I've already completed).

Just to take my mind of it I had a little peep at pinterest - wow how fab but totally addictive.  I found lots of new ideas and one popped out from, I could not resist having a little go -

add some cotton and buttons and voila some recycled mini heart bunting perfect for adding a splash of "cuteness"

I couldn't stop once I started and made some that were just pinks and reds and some that had a number of buttons.  Once again I had become sidetracked and my WIP (think thats work in progress) still lives behind the sofa.   I must! I must! tackle at least one of these this week - will let you know how it goes!   Hope you have a productive week, I would love to know what you are planning to do x x x

Ahhh just remembered I have done something towards my WIP - I had a trip to Keighley to get some wool for my chunky ripple as I had run out!!!!!! There I knew I had done something; not that I have unwrapped this yet but instead have shoved it in the pantry cupboard!!!!!


  1. These really are cute. If I were more craftsy I would totally copy this idea and string them merrily around the house, like a little heart fairy stopped by.

    Alas. I'm not. But I can definitely see the potential, and admire from afar. You are hereby admired.

    1. Thanks dbstevens for your kind words. Simple things make me smile and when I eventually get my new house I might just pinch the idea of a little heart fairy and randomly scatter them about! x