Monday, 27 February 2012

Last weeks craftiness

I started this post early last week but was struggling to upload the pictures so gave up (very easily I must admit).  Thought that it would still be nice to post though and show you what I have been up to on the past few rainy days

Have finally had some time to myself this week and put it to good use! 

Hubby had some time off work and looked after the kiddiewinks so that I could busy myself with lots of crafting and here's what happened -

Once I started I just couldn't stop!!!!

I ended up making 4 altogether and was very happy with the results.  I have so many projects on the go that I am ending up with lots of things that are unfinished - this I struggle to deal with as I like everything to be organised and tidy. 

My aim for the coming week will be to get organised and finished some of these projects.  What's your plan for the week and what do you do with your unfinished things??????


  1. How that cute owl-ey fabric totally reminds me of vintage Marimekko...your piggies totally make me smile too!!!! xoxo

  2. Love the blankies / tabbies - Almost makes me wish I had a baby to buy for...Almost!

    I had a break through last week and finished a poem that had been troubling me for a few weeks, hope to post it this week sometime :-)

    Keep up the crafting. PS did punching all those hearts take you back 9 years?? Question is did you break a table whilst doing it ;-)

    1. no chick - did we do something like that for your wedding???? I can't remember a broken table????? How bad is that - I can't even remember from 9 years ago is your memory failing you too - can we blame it on "old age"????