Sunday, 12 February 2012

What a weekend we've had!  Not a good one either it has to be said.

We got a phone call from the estate agents on Monday to arrange our very first viewing!!!! to say the least - so it was all systems go. 

Through one thing and another we struggled to do anything on the house until Friday and even that was a struggle - my poor little girl spent all Friday being sick, followed by my husband Friday night and my little boy Saturday.  So in between changing clothes and bedding I was trying to tidy the house and rid it of the poorly sick smell!

Uh oh and then I got sick - I spent all of last night in the bathroom : (   Not good

Woke up this morning feeling slightly better and all ready for 11am and our viewing.  I shipped the kids and hubby off to the park and waited with bated breath.
  • 11.15am maybe they got lost 
  • 11.30am still no-one,
  • 12 noon - no don't think anyone's coming.

So all that effort and a weekend of being poorly sick that sort of sums up the mood here today.  Everyone's still cranky and feeling out of sorts.  The kids don't want to be entertained with toys, books or TV and the weather is not playing nice either. 

No crafting going on here today : ((((((((  Next week is half term holidays so fingers crossed this bug will be gone, the sun will be out and we will all be feeling a bit more perky!


  1. Bleurghhh! How disappointing. I hope you are all on the mend and that you have a peaceful half term week. I also hope you manage to squeeze a bit of craft time into the day somewhere for yourself today. xxx

    1. Thanks inthesky - we had a trip out to Skipton this afternoon and braved the weather. This seemed to blow some of the cobwebs away! It also has a lovely haberdashery which I had to have a peep in and I had to buy something it would be rude not to! So I bought 10 cute little animal buttons and some red ric-rac. I also started a ripple blanket on the way home so I did manage to get some crafting in after all x x x x

  2. Hope you are feeling better and fingers crossed that this viewing was just the start ;-)