Saturday, 8 February 2014

Opening day!

Well today was the opening day for MOOCH, a new café and gift shop in Padiham.  I popped in and the shop looked amazing, everything was just lovely and the owners had done a fabulous job!

They have a page on facebook if you want to see the before and after shots, please click here.

I went on Wednesday to stock up my little space and I have to say I found it quite stressful and it took a long time as I had to get it just so.  I also had some new additions to my crafty family which I love lots and lots.
My little girl helped with the tags and names.  She used her friends from pre-school (I'm not allowed to say Nursery) and told me what they like to do!

It's not perfect but I've already had a few enquiries and I have made my first sale too!  A lady came into the shop yesterday for a sneaky look and bought one of my neckwarmers.

I'm thinking of  really trying to push my facebook page and blog with a giveaway - has anyone ever done such a thing and has it increased your following?

Wendy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Congrats on your first sale!! I *LOVE* your neck-warmer! Your shelves look pretty and full, I hope you have lots of sales! I have found the best way to get new followers is to leave nice comments on peoples blogs and they'll likely visit you and become your follower in return! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks love I celebrated by going to the wool shop and ended up buying 27 balls of wool to make some more neck warmers! X x x thanks for the advice I just need a bit more time in my day! X

  2. The dolls are lovely. And also the mice. Contratulations to your first sale. I did a give away once, but no, followeing did not increase. I'm with Teresa on how to get more followers. Regula

    1. Thanks Hun, lovely to hear from you. I think I will keep plodding on with the blogging and do a giveaway on Facebook x I'll let you know how I get on x