Monday, 6 May 2013

Happy holidays

Hope you all had a fab Bank Holiday!
Yesterday for a change we did not venture to the car boot! This probably was a good move as the space in our house is slowly dwindling.

Instead we have been trying to get through a few more of the jobs on our house and I'm glad to say that we are finally getting there.  Today we finished a small utility room, sorted the loft, tidied the garden some more and hubby fitted some skirting board to the conservatory.

My youngest stayed at Grandma's and my boy played outside for most of the day so that left a little bit of time for some crafting/revamping to take place.

Enough with the blah blah blah and on with the pictures!

(one of the vintage suitcases I bought at auction 3 weeks ago)

(wit woo all cheery and prettified)
(I found this bag and a matching small vanity case inside the suitcase so stitched a few vintage buttons on the pocket and hey presto!)
Got a few more things to clean and revamp ready for the shumble sale but I'm sure they can have blog posts of their own : )  Hope your bank holiday was as productive as mine. 

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