Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ta Dah !!!!!!

Fan Fare Please!!!!!

I have no idea how I have managed it but I have finished 3 different projects and all in the space of two nights : )

I have really been struggling to fit any crafting time in this last week as Mr P has had a hernia op and has needed to have bed rest so I have been doing the school run, working, cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing, bathing etc.  I have to say I do a lot of this stuff normally but Mr P has not even been able to supervise the kids so no spare time for me (sad face : (  ).

Anyway on to the Ta Dah moments -

My valentines heart - one side crochet the other side fabric.  I used a pattern from Lucy's blog at Attic24 and then modified it slightly.

This was the one that I made for a friend's birthday sticking to the pattern.
My little knitted rabbit with a pom pom tail - he is soooooo adorable
 (and quite easy to make!)
And Finally .......
My giraffe ribbon taggie - struggled sewing the fiddly bits but I think she's come out quite well.  Even if I do say so myself!

Hopefully I will have some more Ta Dah moments to share soon as I have a few more things half finished or waiting to be crafted.

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  1. These are gorgeous...keep the new creations coming!!