Monday, 24 September 2012

Staying on track.......

Hello, thanks for dropping by.  I have had a busy week again and have not really had much time to pop in and update.

I got weighed again today and lost 2.5lbs wooo hoooo!  I am very happy with this loss and it meant that I got my half a stone award. I now need to focus on the week ahead so I can have another loss next week.

We went shopping today so I bought lots of nice healthy things like a watermelon, cooked chicken, pomegranate's, figs........   I have made a very yummy chicken broth for tea tomorrow as the weather has been horrible and it is definitely not salad weather anymore!

We also have some exciting house news.  Over the past couple of weeks we have be inundated with viewings and someone liked it enough to make an offer so we are officially in the early stages of moving : )   I am very very excited!!!!!!

I have very nearly finished my Elmer blanket too - all in all a very eventful week!  Definitely looking forward to the next week x x x
Take care, have a good week too and I'll chat again soon : )


  1. My word. Congratulations on the 25 pounds! I have some post-weaning (gained a bunch after my son stopped nursing) weight I need to work off. You're inspirational!

    We're in the throes of packing and moving, too! Let's send happy thoughts to one another in the next few weeks! :~)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Hannah - I still have a long way to go with my weight loss, I want to lose about 4 stone altogether but 8.5lbs is a very good start!
      Just got the paperwork from solicitor and it has taken me all night to complete its so confusing! Mortgage appt tomorrow so yet more confusion. Sending you lots of happy thoughts too let me know how it goes x Wendy

  2. Wahoo, I'm chuffed for you on all fronts, but mainly cos I'm selfish and moving will bring you closer to me I'm extatic about that one!!

    Ps the blanket looks gorgeous!

    1. thanks hun, this moving malarky is very stressful - just completed some paperwork which was a chore x Can't wait for the box packing : ) Fingers crossed its before Christmas x

    2. Reader Appreciation Award ;-)