Monday, 27 August 2012

Motivation Day 23 : Scarecrows

This post is slightly later than planned but I had a very busy day yesterday at my local Scarecrow Festival.

Despite the weather people "braved" it to come and have a look at the Olympic Scarecrows that the villagers had taken the time to make.  These were absolutely stunning and people went to great lengths with some of the exhibits, paddling pools, pulleys the lot!

I had a small stall in the village hall and sold a few of my items but it was a little slow.  I am  hoping to do a Christmas Fayre later in the year so hope that people will be buying gifts then.

I did however sell my 3 little scarecrows that I finished making that morning -

and the cake stand that I made a few weeks ago -

It's Bank Holiday Monday today so going to spend some time with my Mum and Dad, see you soon!


  1. How lovely those little scarecrows are. Not at all scary! ;-)

  2. Those are adorable! I crocheted a pumpkin last fall and I want to make a few more in different sizes and shapes and colors this fall. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa x the scarecrow pattern that I had, had a pumpkin but I decided not to make it maybe next year! I'll look forward to seeing your pumpkins x