Saturday, 25 August 2012

Motivation Day 22 - It was all worth it!!!!!

Well here it is my Ta-dah moment -

I finished the crochet this afternoon and then spent the evening putting the fleece on the back.

I am really proud of it and am not sure whether it will make it's way onto my stall tomorrow.  What would you pay for a handmade blanket like this????  I never know what to charge people, what "formula" do you go off, I would love your input!

I have really enjoyed blogging every day for the last 20 days and hope that you have enjoyed the journey too.  I sort of stumbled onto the whole task if I'm honest and didn't really read what it entailed or what the purpose was but I think I have done alright x x x


  1. lol, you've done just fine. I have loved keeping up with what you are up to ;-)

  2. I try to get at least 5 SFr. per hour of work (a traded worker chages 85 per hour and I'm a professional too). Or I try to get 10 SFr. per ball of yarn (knitted and crocheted items), which is about the same. Of course I add the costs of the material. Anyway, I have so many quilts in my closet that I am ready to give them away for half the prize.

    1. thanks chick I decided in the end to try and get £25 for it if anyone was interested. It ended up coming home with me in the end but I'm sure it will find a home x