Sunday, 12 August 2012

Motivation Day 10: Ta Dah!!!!!

Sunday's generally consist on having a ganders round the local carboot sales and then going out for the rest of the day.

Today we bought a small plastic table and 2 chairs for the kids for £1.50 and the magic wishing chair books by Enid Blyton for £1.  There were lots of other bargains to be had but with having the house up for sale and the prospect of moving soon we did not want to buy lots of stuff that we would need to move.  I have actually got a pile of unwanted stuff myself so fingers crossed I will be doing a car boot myself in the next few weeks.

I have started another knitted scarecrow so hopefully he will be finished tomorrow and ta dah I have finished my dolly pegs. 

Here you are!!!!!!!



  1. Lovely pegs! Sunday is over, I'm going to sleep now. Back to school tomorrow, which minimizes the time for hand crafts. :-( Not to bad though.

  2. Love those pegs!!

    Keep meaning to ask you to look out for a second hand Stoker's Dracula for me.

    Glad you had a good day.