Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I promised!!!!!


Yes you guessed it I am back, sometimes my brain works so hard I surprise myself.  Here's a post full of craftiness just for putting up with me, I wish you could see how smiley I am : )))))))))

I have fixed it, so so so happy finally I can add pictures to my words and everyone else can see my visions of utter loveliness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here is my ripple blanket that I have been nattering on about for the last few posts.  I bought some fleece today so will be stitching a backing on it this weekend and then voila it will be all finished and ready for the little bubba!

 Here is my package from beadcrafty.com  - nicely waiting for me when I got in from work.

And here are it's yummy contents - I sooooo can't wait to start playing and making.

In true "Blue Peter" style here's some I made earlier.   Enjoy and I'll come and play again soon



  1. Oh how weird, your ripple shows up in my sidebar in the blog list, but not in your post. It gets very frustrating our here in cyberspace at times. Your other photos are lovely, what an exciting package. :)

    1. Hi Lucy - you are quite right! The thing is I got a bit eager yesterday in my photo album and started condensing the photos it did warn me but as usual I ignored it and went ahead anyway. so have popped it back now x

  2. The simplest things make us smile these days :-) I also need to speak to you about baby things for a baby in progress. There are a few weeks to go yet though so will talk to you when we get together!!

    Keep up the blogging missy, as we seem to be struggling with our 'keep in touch with friends' new year resolution! We have to stick to at least the regular blog posts, lol xxx

    1. I will txt u Hun, I know life is pants sometimes : ) x