Friday, 20 January 2012

Well impressed with myself

Well this week has been quite productive!
  • I've cleaned and tidied the house ready for some new estate agent pictures (which we get to see as a brochure tomorrow)
  • I've made 3 new mug cozies which I love!
  • I've done a meal plan for the week as the healthy eating has started today
  • I have started to organise a couple of craft fairs for the end of March - now I just need to make the stock!
Here are the mug cozies like I promised!

This is the first one that I made and the one that I adore, I thought it would make a perfect gift for Valentines Day and have put it on my facebook page.  I went round some local florists today to see if they would like to put them in their shop but unfortunately they were more interested in items that were mass produced but looked homemade!   I thought the mug cozy would be nice as a complete set - the cozy, the mug and a handmade fabric heart with a ribbon loop.

This was my second cozy - complete with a dangling heart!

And third  - not 100% sure about this one, it's really hard doing stockinette stitch as it curls over at the side so I may have needed a few more stitches either side.  I still think its "lovely"!

Can't wait to do some more - I'm really enjoying knitting and the free hand sewing - watch this space.

Off now to have a brew!!!!!!!!! Complete with cozy

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  1. I think your cozies are brilliant, I love the first one the most. It sounds like you have had a very productive week. Go you! :)