Monday, 9 January 2012

Don't ya just love Sundays!

Sunday is the day that I try to catch up on a few jobs around the house - and since we expect to get some viewings soon I thought it would be a very good idea to tidy up.  I gave myself a limit of 1 hour upstairs and 1 hour downstairs and then rewarded myself with some home baking.

Well the oven was on so why not!   I had hastily scribbled down a recipe from a book in the library last week and thought I would give it a whirl and voila some yummy scrummy rock cakes.

I had one with a cuppa and it was delicious  ; )  The recipe made 12 but in my house they don't last long especially when they are still warm from the oven (you know who you are!!!).

Hubby has already asked me to make some more so I think it will be a weekly thing from now on and I can definitely recommend the "Mary Berry" rock cakes as they were super quick to make.

It's Monday as I'm writing this and a quick update on the house - we still don't have any viewings booked but we made an offer on the new house today and woo hoo it was very quickly accepted so we are in with a chance; just got to sell ours so keeping tabs on the estate agents and have to say they have been given a deadline - or we will be going elsewhere lets see if that gets them moving!

chick chick chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me!!!!!!!!


  1. I made rock cakes yesterday too...they are so easy peasey and don't last long around here either. Chickens love them as a special winter treat, they peck out the raisins first! :) x

  2. ooh may keep that tip for if and when we gets our chickens!