Sunday, 15 January 2012

Checking in!

Nothing new to report so just checking in with you all really!  

We still haven't had any viewing on our house despite the estate agents "doing their best"!  We have now issued the ultimatum and they have a week before we moved to another agent.

Been really busy this week working and house tidying which with 2 kids and lots of toys is a mean feat, I can tell you.

Really want to have lots of time to do "me stuff" preferably crochet, knitting and sewing.  Want to make bunting for a craft fair at the end of March (and some for the new house of course), little purses from cutesy fabric, crochet mug cozies, finish my pink stripy blanket and make lots of fabric hearts but alas there is just not enough time : (
Here's one of the hearts I did make a few weeks ago and its one of my favourites - I've not perfected the stitching yet but there's time and I think it adds to the homemade look (It was only my second attempt!).

I have tried to make the mug cozies this weekend and have managed one - yes one full one!!!!!!! but the second one just won't finish and I've had to pull it back twice - don't think trying to count stitches on the motorway from Blackpool helped - especially as it was the journey home when dark, and no I wasn't driving ; )

When I've done I will post a few pictures and the pattern if anyone is interested as I've had to modify the one that I originally wanted to use as just couldn't fathom it out!

Ta - ta for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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