Sunday, 7 July 2013

Treading water and more treasures....

I began writing this post last week in my little notebook but it failed to make it to my blog.

That about sums up the last few week/months for me.  It feels like I am just about keeping my head above the water.  I've been feeling a bit like Lucy from Attic 24 had been - as though I have been juggling everything, getting nowhere and now I've dropped them all!

After the weekend I seem to feel better - whilst I still have lists and things I want to get done I'm trying to adopt a "it will get done at some point" mantra.  I had a craft and vintage fair on Friday and Saturday and although it was slow and deflating at times I actually did ok. This was a small part of my stall.  I sold a few pieces of my vintage ware so now it feels like I have a bit less cluttering the shelves at home.

Needless to say today whilst the weather was scorching we popped over to a local car boot.  We hadn't been to this one before but I think we will go again.  This is what came home with me.

 A fab little vintage 1950's travel iron in it's little case, old tin Thermos flask, some fancy bottles which I can see Elderflower cordial in!

 A glass juicer, doilies and can you see the cute little cat mirror!

 These happen to be one of my favourites though - little packs of vintage pictures.  Not sure what I will do with them but they had to be mine.

 The lady that was selling this old pattern told me that it was her mum that had made her the skirt from this pattern. The seller was 75 years old now and had found it amongst some old bits and bobs.

 This is my favourite too - I found these at the back of a table under some other bits. Its quite a big collection of old postcards that had been sent to the same lady from all her relatives, I think the oldest is one dated 1955.  Most of them are written on and they are all legible.  I can't wait to get a cuppa and have a little read at the holiday memories.

Lastly some old jars - I had no idea what these jars were I just liked them and thought they may come in handy but after looking on the internet I can see that they are quite popular.  Now all I've got to do is work out what I can do with them all.

So glad that I have finally made time to blog - next time I will blog about my little visit to Lucy and Tracy's studio event.


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  1. Oh you lucky girl to be close enough to attend L&Ts studio visit! What jolly fun that must have been! I wonder how many people fit in the studio at once! Love those jars! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)