Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Grand Tour

We have been in our lovely new home for 6 months now and for the past month all the decorating and home improvements have been finished!

I can't say the house is fully finished yet though; it's a bit messy with all my craft stuff and we are still finding bits and bobs to rehouse from our old house.  There's also a few jobs we would still like to do but need to save up yet more pennies.

But as promised here is the grand tour - I wasn't sure whether to do before and after pics or just the house as it is so here goes. 

Get yourself a cuppa and have a peep at the OLD house...... Come Inside
(this is the only photo we have of the outside - its work in progress as we need to redo the drive)

(Hmmm not very inviting is it!)

Lets go up the stairs and into Miss Molly's room..... oh

 it's a bit cramped in here... lets not stop long, come into Jake's instead...

At least we've already started in this room - hubby put up the coving.  Can't stop long though and onto the next room...

OOOOps for some strange reason we didn't take a before shot of the master bedroom but if you close your eyes and picture a dirty cream carpet, black and white striped wallpaper and matching curtains, black candelabra style light then you've cracked it!!!!!!

Do you need the loo before we go back downstairs.....hmmm rather not!

By heck get your feet up and watch some tv....

Whilst I make a brew....

Oh and lets not forget the outside....
And the conservatory....
I've had to show you this way so the before pictures first as although I thought I'd been happy snappy with the camera I have missed some of the finished rooms so to be on the safe side I will take lots this weekend!


  1. I love it all the conservatory is my favorite of all! You lucky girl! I can't wait to see it all decked out with your studio furniture and "toys"! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. thanks Teresa but just wait for the finished rooms and hopefully you will love these even more. the old conservatory has been ripped down thank goodness and we've got a much better one x x