Saturday, 8 September 2012

Weekend Lists

After my last post I have been trying to get organised so that I don't feel like I am constantly pushing 'jelly uphill' and you know what, I think it's kinda working.

I had quite a long list this weekend:-

1. Tidy the house ready for a viewing on Monday
2. Clear out the shed
3. Organise my fabric ready to make some bunting
4. Make a knitted scarecrow
5. Advertise some unwanted items on selling pages
6.Finish some WIP (work in progress)
7. Sew in the ends of the squares that I have already made for my blanket
8. Have some me/family time

It's only Saturday night and I have managed to complete all those jobs in blue - thats 6 out of 8!!!!!!

Here's one of my WIP that I have finished, I could not wait to share it with you, let me know what you think.  I'll post the inside a little later : )

Here are some of the squares for my blanket - I have sewn in the ends today.

And I bought some lovely scrummy teasets from a little vintage tea-room that was closing down, so watch this space for the cake stands.

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