Friday, 31 August 2012

Motivation days 25, 26+27 Where has the week gone?

Well all good intentions have flown out of the window this week.   It has been a bit of a crazy week here at number 74. 

I thought I'd have lots of time to make a start on a new blanket but have only managed 4 squares so I really don't have anything to show you.  I also decided that I wasn't quite sure about it and had a nosey on the web for alternatives.  Matt over at According to Matt... has started to make an absolutely stunning blanket so if you have time pop over and take a look!  I did try my hand at making some granny squares but to be honest they seemed to come out all shapes and sizes : (   Then I had a peep at what Lucy was up to at Attic 24 and she's sort of going for a very similar look.

So what could I do, keep with the original idea, try harder at the granny squares???????

A-ha on Lucy's blog she'd put a link to Heather at little tin bird.  Heather had made an adorable blanket for her "tiny tin bird" and the easy tutorial (which you can find here) made it possible for me to get cracking with some colourful squares.

We are going to the caravan this afternoon for the weekend and its lovely and sunny so I hope that lasts as I might be able to sneak in a square or two!  Will make sure I take photos and keep you updated x x x

Have a lovely weekend peeps!

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  1. Have a good weekend hun, sounds like you deserve a rest!