Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Motivation days 13-19 Back from Jollies!

Home sweet home - I do love going to our caravan but after a week I do seem to pine for home. We have had a lovely time, the weather was fairly mixed with some days it raining buckets and other days being glorious.

Here are the posts that I did whilst away :-

Day 14 - Off to the Lakes.

We had a lovely day in the Lakes and on the way home whilst driving through Bolton-le-Sands we made an impromptu stop at a lovely little shop called Etty-Lilly.  It was absolutely adorable, full of lovely yarn, material and crafts.  The lady was just in the process of knitting a nativity so I will be popping in when I next visit the caravan to see how she's getting on.

Day 15 - Rain and buttons.

Rain, rain, rain all day but we decided to brave it and went wandering.  I am sooooo glad we did as I found some lovely buttons in a local charity shop and all for 50p.  I love bargains - now what can I make!!!!!

Day 16 - Yummy wool

I got a book from the library before I went on holiday and I have earmarked lots and lots of things that I want to make.  The book is by Nicki Trench and called cute and easy Crocheted Baby Clothes and you can find it on her website here. 
There is a lovely blanket that is made of squares with love hearts in the middle that I really want to be my next project so in preparation I bought some new wool (I never need an excuse!).

Day 17 - A little bit of me time.

I managed to make 2 of the love heart squares ready for my new blanket - although I sort of forgot that I had not finished that last blanket!  I must finish things I start, I must finish things I start, ooooh yummy love hearts.........

Day 18 - Glorious sunshine!

What a lovely day we had - very warm but nice and breezy.  The day was spent having fun with the kids, went to the park, walked on the front, played on the 2p machines in the amusements and ate ice cream what more could you wish for (apart from all the 2p's coming down the slot!).

Day 19 - Time to go home.

Back at home now - feeling reconnected to the world and as you can see on with the blogging.  Before we got home we had another viewing on the house so fingers crossed yet again and hopefully some feedback tomorrow.  I have a craft stall at a local scarecrow festival on Sunday so now off to get some crafting done.


  1. What can you make...some earings for me (if you can think of a way to get buttons to be dropper earings?!?)

    Blanket sounds yummy....want one, want one (think Paul may have a fit though if I bring any more blankets into the house).

    See you on Sunday ;-)