Friday, 10 August 2012

Motivation Day 8 - Poop

Well the sun has been out again today and we have been playing outside in the garden. 

My youngest is 21 months old and she doesn't yet get the whole point of potty training.  She can tell me potty and goes to get it but then she likes to stand in it and not actually sit on it!  We also manage poo poo but this usually means she wants a wee!

Its all a bit confusing really! With the weather being warm and because we were playing in the garden we decided it was time for some big girl knickers.  She did really well with no accidents and her first poop in the potty.  I am soooooo proud of her what a clever girl, not sure whether it was a fluke we shall see!

Could not resist taking and posting this photo though (they are a brand new pair!) in the hope it would make you smile as much as I did x

I also managed to sew and stuff my little scarecrow, think I like it but still not sure?

Going to the new house for a cuppa tonight, sooooo excited you would not believe!


  1. Sweet girl and scarecrow (you should like it!). :-)

  2. We are also potty training our oldest -- he's 2 plus a couple of months -- and I definitely agree about the confusing part. Cute pic of your little girl :) And I love the scarecrow. Just in time for the harvest season, eh?

    Have so much fun at the new house tonight. Yay!

    1. I have managed to get a stall at a local scarecrow festival and was asked if I could do something "scarecrow related" and this was my attempt! x Good luck with the potty training my little boy was just over 2 and he did really well, only a couple of wet accidents so I hope Molly will be the same.

  3. I think if we could wear our knickers on our head with 'panache' like that it may actually catch on! lol Gave me a chuckle! xxx

  4. Auntie Ali is proud too ;-)

    I love worzzel by the way!!