Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy Holidays

Hellooooooo I just wanted to check in with you all after a little holiday in our new static caravan : )

It was half-term holidays last week so we decided to spend it at Morecambe (only an hour up the road).  We took another boot load of stuff to our little van and it is now starting to feel like it belongs to us!

Whilst the weather was nice we put some bedding plants in some pots for the front of the van so will take some more pictures this weekend so that you can see how pretty it looks.

We also enjoyed ourselves at the beach nearby - the kids have a fascination with crabbing and love to look for goodies in the rock pools.  They managed to fill a bucket with crabs, little fish and shrimps so smiles all round!

I spent most evenings (when the kids were finally in bed) cutting out fabric hearts ready to sew for my stall at a centenary event in 2 weeks and have managed to get them finished this week.

Nothing else really to report - looking forward to tomorrow (Wednesday) as have another viewing on the house and the weekend when we can see our van again.

Anyone got plans for the weekend?

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