Monday, 16 April 2012

Simply plodding along!

Again its been a while since my last entry and I can't say that I have achieved much more since then!

My table at the local art and craft exhibition was not a huge success I must admit, but I did sell a few items so at least I can say I had a go ; )   I suppose in a sense I am also a little more prepared for next time too.  The items that I have made and not sold won't be wasted either as I have signed up to do another event in June so it's not all bad.

We are still waiting for someone to want to buy our house - we have had 4 viewings since Christmas and 4 no-shows.  I think that has something to do with my deflated mood.   Oh yeah and probably the fact that i am back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off  : (   I'm not a happy bunny. 

I have at least finished a ripple blanket that I have been making for a friend - but again my computer is not letting me upload the picture!

I have however started to think about what other things I can start making and have ordered some beads off the Internet at and can't wait for everything to come.  Once it's all here I will upload some pictures and you can see what I have got!


  1. My Grandmother used to say 'Plod on' at least you are going in the right direction. xxx

  2. It's all about learning chick. We try, we learn and we try again!