Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sooooo Excited

Well even thought the weather outside is horrible, wet and bleak I can't help but feel excited : )

We are going to view a house tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!  We saw it on the internet just before Christmas but have had to wait for the estate agents to open yesterday - and I can't tell you how long that wait has been <3

It's so hard not to get giddy and dream about what colour scheme we're going to have and where our furniture will go - we've even named the chickens that we're going to buy for the back garden!   "No don't" I hear you cry and I know I shouldn't dream but sod it, I can only hope we like it and that we can sell ours too.

Just in case you were wondering the chickens are going to be Hetty, Dot and Peggy - what do you think?

I've had such a busy week so far, back to work, school runs and the weekly routine that it feels Christmas was a lifetime ago.  All the trimming are down and it all looks a bit bare.  Come on spring hurry up!

On a positive note people seem to want decorators so hubby is nice and busy and I've got a few orders coming in for scarves and my little baby comforters so that's a bonus.

I've also made some progress with my resolutions - continue with my blog - check, start my craft business - check and tackle my weight - check.  Only small baby steps but if I give myself too much I won't get it done. 

Better get on; little one is wanting some lunch and I'd better tidy up before the estate agents come to take new pictures. 

Hows everyone doing with their resolutions??????


  1. Proper chicken names :-)

    As for my resolutions, ish! Write more - a little. Continue with weight loss - hmmm good intentions, kids chocolate too tempting! Read more - getting there. See friends and family more - give me chance ;-)

    Keep it up and good luck with the house selling!

  2. Best wishes for 2012...I like your goals. :)